Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is the Tooth Fairy Real?

How can you prove to yourself once and for all whether there really is or is not a Tooth Fairy?

My ten year old Austin had an idea. I thought it was clever.

For some time he had a loose tooth. A molar that was really starting to bother him when he chewed food. I offered several times to just yank it out and be done with it, but he didn't want to hear it!

Finally one day it fell out. But it fell out while he was with his friends at the Y. He told no one about it. Thus began the test. If he keeps this information from mom and dad, what will happen when he puts the tooth under his pillow at night?

He tested it. Like Gideon awaiting the dry ground and wet fleece, he put his faith in the Tooth Fairy to the test. And, well, his tooth was still waiting for him when he awoke in the morning. He tried it again the next night. Nothing.

His conclusion? There's no such thing as the Tooth Fairy. Surely a benevolent Tooth Fairy, who freely gives quarters and dollar bills for baby teeth would also be omniscient!

But Austin, we said, you have to tell us you lost your tooth so WE can tell the Tooth Fairy.

He didn't buy it.

Unfortunately for him, Austin has forfeited his opportunity for some cash flow over the last remaining years of baby teeth.