Monday, January 30, 2006

Baseball Vote

Coco Crisp to Boston--Good trade or bad trade?

Reflections on my first Sunday

This last Sunday was not actually my first Sunday, but it felt like it--it was the first Sunday that I was at the piano. This was an unusual service. It was led by a former college worship team band, with a mixture of some of their regular morning players, and, oh, they invited me to be a part of their little group.

It was a lot of fun once I learned how they did their songs. Most of the songs I knew, but not exactly in the style or form (or key) they did them in. It was a lot of fun!

One thing I was not mentally prepared for was playing three services. In "the old days" in Akron, we used to play four morning services. That made for a long morning and I learned how to pace myself mentally and emotionally. For the last couple years in Green, however, we have only needed to lead two services. Coming from that mentality, I kind of "burned up" in the first two services and didn't budget my concentration very well for the third (and fullest) service. There were not train wrecks, it was just an adjustment for which I was ill-prepared.

Mike, who led the group, plays great acoustic guitar and sings. (He also is a great drummer). Shelly and Eric led vocally, and Eric improvised some on the violin. Jeff played a mandolin, and Chris played bass and Jason suffered through the acoustic drum/IEM issues (yes, we have those issues here at Providence too!)

It was a nice acoustic band, a little folky in style and a lot of fun to play. The congregation seemed to enjoy it too, engaging pretty well and responding to the understated styling of the morning in a real healthy way.

This week, I'll play all three again, but completely different arrangements than what I'm used to, and songs I'm less familiar with. Patty has kept me up to speed nicely though, and supplied me with everything I need in order to prepare.

This Sunday, they happened to schedule "O God of Mine," which I charted for Maureen and Emily just a few weeks ago! It was nice to pull out my rhythm chart and use that one for this week. I haven't met the person singing it yet, but I know for me it won't be the same as "Mo" and "Em..." Miss you guys!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I was surprised to find out something that I guess everyone else knew but me. I had all along been planning on taking my time to set up our banking here in Raleigh. I figured that almost all of my transactions took place online anyway, what was the big deal in having the brick and mortar 500 miles away?

My bank was Falls Savings. That bank doesn't exist anymore, it was bought out by Fifth Third Bank (don't ask me about the name) around 1996 and so it became our bank by default. We just left it the way it was and things were fine.

I knew before we moved that 5/3 didn't have a bank branch anywhere in NC. That was ok, I thought, I'll just conduct all of my business through the ATM and the internet. I even discussed it with a teller at the Arlington St. branch and she agreed that ATM or USPS would be a great way to handle my transactions. (I later reflected that sending a signed check through the mail may not be a great idea after all).

So, one day last week I needed to deposit a couple of checks. I went to the Wachovia ATM next door and put in my card. My options were 1) Check Balance 2) Fast Cash $50 withdrawal 3) Cash withdrawal 4) Cancel. Where's the deposit button? I had filled out the envelope and everything, signed the checks, did the math, I was ready to go!

So the deal is that if you want to take money out, you can access your account from just about any ATM in the world, and of course, along with that, they're happy to charge you a little fee for their trouble. My logic was that if they can make a withdrawal, they oughta be able to do the opposite. Right? I was even prepared to pay a small fee. Didn't happen.

So I decided to go into the branch and ask what was wrong with their ATM! OK, I didn't know that....sorry. So, I opened a checking account right there on the spot.

Fortunately, the little research I had already done led me to the conclusion that Wachovia was the bank I wanted to use anyway. I just wasn't ready to start using it this soon. I spent last weekend going to all my linked accounts online (because I'm such a day trader) and changing or adding the new routing and account number.

So, for future reference, I guess one can only make ATM deposits at the bank associated with the ATM. Otherwise, you're stuck.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Random Thoughts and Mutterings

This idea was stolen from Gary U. I'm feeling guilty about neglecting this for so long so it's time for another bulletpoint list of stuff.

  • North Raleigh is a busy place
  • It is generally warmer in Raleigh than Akron
  • Rhythm sections still rush in Raleigh
  • Brass players are still too loud in Raleigh
  • YMCAs cost about twice here what they do in Akron
  • They are also three or four times the size
  • Weights seem heavier here
  • We've just experienced our first pounding (that's a good thing)
  • There is a GREAT full time jazz radio station in Raleigh
  • There is a GREAT full time classical radio station in Raleigh
  • There is no Mike Trivisonno in Raleigh
  • There is no Major League Baseball team in Raleigh
  • People are generally more friendly in NC--at least they're happy to talk with you for a while
  • There are a lot of trees in NC--especially the evergreen variety
  • My office has a window
  • You only have to have one license plate on the back of your vehicle
  • We have to take a written driver's test before we can get our NC driver's license
  • Most left turns have their own signal, which means that even if there's no oncoming traffic, you still have to wait until you get the arrow
  • We get paid only once a month
  • DSL is available everywhere down here
  • Providence has three packed out services and the over flow building is overflowing
  • I have to think of a birthday present for my wife
  • Austin wonders if people who speak with a southern accent (which is just about everybody) are speaking a different language
  • The Island wasn't that great of a movie
  • Hotel Rwanda was excellent
  • I have a hard time knowing whether or not bullet statements should get periods. Maybe Rob can help.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

News Flash II

We just got a call from the carrier (we've been using a broker) and the carrier said that they would be coming on the 10th. Confusion ensues.

Our days go like this:

  1. Wake Up
  2. Feed the kids breakfast
  3. Feed ourselves breakfast
  4. Pack some stuff
  5. Check e-mail
  6. Get Reece a drink of water
  7. Pack some more stuff
  8. Break up a fight between the kids
  9. Pack some more stuff
  10. Check E-mail
  11. Move some boxes around
  12. Worry about forgetting to do something
  13. Get some more boxes
  14. Meet some one for lunch
  15. Pack some more stuff
  16. Remember to make an important phone call
  17. Pack some more stuff
  18. Check e-mail
  19. Throw more stuff out
  20. Meet some one for dinner
  21. Put the kids to bed
  22. Pack some more stuff
  23. Watch some news
  24. Go to bed
Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Friday, January 06, 2006

New News

News Flash--We've just been informed that the truck will arrive on the 9th. Not the 10th. Panic ensues.

New Post --but no time!

The other day Guy complained that I haven't added a post to my blog in a while. (Thanks for checking). Well, I've been a LITTLE busy. Truck comes on Tuesday (10th) !! My final goodbyes to great friends happened this week--Kenton, Emily, Jim, several friends on an individual basis, the "Y gang," etc. That was hard. The stress is building. The tension knot on the back of my neck is getting tighter!

It's so weird that we're really doing this. North Carolina will never be the same! [insert smiley face here].