Thursday, January 19, 2006

Random Thoughts and Mutterings

This idea was stolen from Gary U. I'm feeling guilty about neglecting this for so long so it's time for another bulletpoint list of stuff.

  • North Raleigh is a busy place
  • It is generally warmer in Raleigh than Akron
  • Rhythm sections still rush in Raleigh
  • Brass players are still too loud in Raleigh
  • YMCAs cost about twice here what they do in Akron
  • They are also three or four times the size
  • Weights seem heavier here
  • We've just experienced our first pounding (that's a good thing)
  • There is a GREAT full time jazz radio station in Raleigh
  • There is a GREAT full time classical radio station in Raleigh
  • There is no Mike Trivisonno in Raleigh
  • There is no Major League Baseball team in Raleigh
  • People are generally more friendly in NC--at least they're happy to talk with you for a while
  • There are a lot of trees in NC--especially the evergreen variety
  • My office has a window
  • You only have to have one license plate on the back of your vehicle
  • We have to take a written driver's test before we can get our NC driver's license
  • Most left turns have their own signal, which means that even if there's no oncoming traffic, you still have to wait until you get the arrow
  • We get paid only once a month
  • DSL is available everywhere down here
  • Providence has three packed out services and the over flow building is overflowing
  • I have to think of a birthday present for my wife
  • Austin wonders if people who speak with a southern accent (which is just about everybody) are speaking a different language
  • The Island wasn't that great of a movie
  • Hotel Rwanda was excellent
  • I have a hard time knowing whether or not bullet statements should get periods. Maybe Rob can help.