Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Who I work with

There aren't many jobs where a somewhat mandatory day retreat includes a little scenic train ride followed by a bicycle ride back to where we got on the train. I hate things like this because I see such little value in them (it's such an unproductive day!). BUT, I'll admit it was a great time, perfect day, and I always enjoy being with my friends! Here's a picture of our music staff at The Chapel and my biking companions for the day.

Back Row: Derrack Ostovic, Matt Kandel, Dave Craig, Jim Mitchell, Kenton Kober
Front Row: Rick Zuercher, Karan Armstrong, Emily Dickey, Donna Bower, Yours Truly

Great people, great friends. I'm including their names so that they all have the benefit of a Google hit when they do a vanity search.