Thursday, December 15, 2005

Things I'll Miss

After living in the NE Ohio area for the last eleven and a half years, and after being at The Chapel for the last 8 and a half, there are plenty of memories and plenty of things I'm going to miss. I know I'm going to leave people out, but here are some stream-of-consciousness, random thoughts kind of things I know I'm going to miss as well as some fond memories.

The Region

  • Snow from Dec-April (no, really)
  • Jacob's Field
  • Hartville Hardware
  • Our house
  • Our yard
  • The Summit County Library
  • The Akron Zoo
  • Bike riding and kite flying at the Hartville Marketplace parking lot
The Chapel
  • The privilege of playing on a Steinway D every week
  • A cell phone
  • The "Commander"
  • The Green Campus
  • The walking trail at the Green Campus
  • Tuesday lunch-- Not necessarily the meetings that follow
  • My E-5's
  • Macs everywhere
  • A do-do
  • Services at Blossom
  • Services at Canal Park
  • The "tape guys"
Worship Team-Green
  • Hearing the refrain of my arrangement of "Blessed Assurance"
  • Hanchey's free pre-releases
  • Leading with all their heart(s)
  • Becky's baby's birth
  • The next Hufstetler duet
  • Maureen's passionate prayers
  • The full recovery of Kimmy
  • The return of Kimmy
  • Feeling safe around Deb L
  • Hanchey's passing 7ths
  • Another movie with Jason
  • Another party with Jason
  • The generosity shown towad Paul and Dena
  • The generosity shown toward Daniel and Kim
  • A long e-mail from Lebo
  • A short e-mail from Lebo
Worship Team-Akron
  • Crashing breakfast with Carol, Nancy, Vicki, and Elisa
  • Trying to be the first to address the other as "dude" with Dave and Kirsten
  • Vicki: "I hate that Dr. Beat thing."
  • Vicki: "I Love Dr. Beat."
  • Vicki: "But that's not what they do on the recording..."
  • Vicki's teeth
  • Three words: Gospel Talent Show
  • White elephant exchanges
  • Vicki: "are your nuts frozen?"
  • My surprise 30th birthday party at Guy and Julie's
  • The generosity shown toward Jeff Yang
  • The generosity shown toward the Gibsons
Rhythm Section-Green

  • Any lick Gibson plays on any instrument
  • The faces Raybould makes when he solos
  • A ripping B-3 gliss from Keel
  • Andrea on the triangle: "My lips will praise you...[ding]"
  • Glen's empassioned drum fills
  • Rob singing away as he plays
  • Andrea's careful placement of the toys
  • Andrea's careful placement of the kick
  • Dave shouting on the platform because he has his headphones on
Rhythm Section-Akron
  • Tritone subs with Fred on bass
  • Frank's "a-one, two, three, hike...."
  • Tommy's Mexican joke in Azteca
  • Jeff Johnson singing girl notes
  • Tommy: "Mexican food is all the same, it's just folded different..."

  • Finishing Kenton's sentences and vers-visa
  • Emily's Powerpoint productions
  • Zuercher's approach to singing
  • Zuercher's approach to mixing
  • Zuercher's approach to people
  • Donna and Karan being a "button-push" away
  • Jim's association of any present-day song to an 80's song
  • Karan: "K-O"
  • The slightly offset streaming of Rush or Indian's radio between Kober's computer and mine
  • Kober's "lyrics-on-the-spot"
  • Donna's chickens
  • Jim and Kenton: Ideation--conflict ensues
  • Businessman's specials at the Jake with Kober
  • Kober: "I can't find the handles..."
Chapel People
  • Chinese with Tuck
  • Erica & Elissa and a bag of Doritos
  • The fabulous kid's staff and programming
  • Wings with Guy and Daniel
  • Wings with Paul followed by Lord of the Rings or Star Wars
  • Dennis and "Live bait"
  • Home opener with Kober, Stankiewicz, Keel, Zuercher
  • Playmates of our kids: Logan, Emma, Abbey, Ben, Olivia
  • Bible studies with Guthrie, Nime, Salmons
  • Russ Tinkham's humor
  • Russ Tinkham's tuba playing
  • Russ Tinkham's bass playing
Chapel Staff
  • Smitty's persona, especially in a staff meeting
  • Any conversation with Castelli
  • Staff Christmas lunches
  • KL's passion for the cross
  • KL's passion for the lost
  • Larry's awesome prayers
  • The master of segues, Todd McKenney
  • Barrett's way-bigger-than-he-needs office
  • KL's VM greeting: "Knute Larsonnnnn, leave a message."
  • Barb: "pastor...."
  • The intern video(s) "If I had 25 million dollars...."
  • CJ and Jen's baby's birth
The Y
  • The great home school gym programs
  • Working out with Dave, Marty, Robert, Cliff, John...
  • Walking on a treadmill next to Shari
  • Watching the kids learn to swim
  • The zero-depth pool
Area People
  • Stu Freedman--Our pianos were always so well taken care of
  • John and Darla English--Darla frantically helping me find the next chart
  • Dave Spondike-The most educated bass player I've ever known
  • Tim Coyne-learning standards and my first real jazz gigs
  • Larry Dickerhoff--Nixon conspiracy theroist and Kent State shooting stories
  • Don and Brenda Wise--our GREAT neighbors
  • Chuck M's wit
  • Carla's vocal improv
  • Tom Hamilton "a swing and a drive...."
  • Paul Braden