Sunday, February 11, 2007

Say What?

A recent pre-meeting conversation:

Patty[who is from Georgia]: Sheri, did you bring the peanuts?
Brian[who is most definitely not from Georgia]: You like peanuts?
Patty: Oh yes, Bob and I eat them all the time
Brian: Do you buy them in the shell so you have to crack them out?
Patty: Yeah, we like them that way.
Brian: I LOVE peanuts--eat them a lot! (they're the perfect snack!)
Patty: I like to eat them balled.
Brian: Balled?
Patty: Yeah, I really like them that way.
Brian: Balled. I've never heard of that before. Balled?
Patty: Yeah, you know, put them in hot water, then drain it and eat them.
Brian: Oh, you mean "boiled?"
Patty: Yeah, that's what I said, "balled."
Brian: No, you said "balled." I've never heard of "Balling" something. I have, however heard of "boiling" something--though never peanuts.
Patty: Well, "BOY-ALed" peanuts are good.
Brian: Ok, I'll have to try them some time.