Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lost Season 3, Episode 23

I just finished watching the last episode of the third season of Lost. We needed a little refresher it had been a long time! Thanks Sheri for loaning us the DVDs! Yes, it's late, it's 12:38 AM, yes I'm going to regret it later, but I have to get this out there while it's still fresh.

I have a problem with these two technical issues. First, Charlie volunteers to go down into the Looking Glass sub station to disable the jammer. This radio frequency jammer was designed (evidently) by Ben and his crew to prevent any transitions off the island. It is a thorough jammer that is supposed to cover a broad range of frequencies. So my question: How in the world can the "others" communicate via the walkie-talkies all over the island? Shouldn't they be jammed too? Surely they would require a repeater.

Second, the Satellite phone or whatever device it was that Naomi, the parachutist brought onto the island could not overcome Rousseau's transmission. Now her transmission would be on a specific frequency, the Sat phone was new and certainly would be digital, and would not be affected by her transmission. Further, when Jack and the French woman enter the transmitter station (whose message, by the way, is still picked up in previous episodes despite the jamming), all she does is walk over and stop the tape. OK--first really? That tape has been running undisturbed for the last 16 years 24/7 and it still works? And second, stopping the tape from playing, while creating a silence, does not open up the frequency. It only makes the frequency quiet. We see no one actually turn off the transmitter.

Alright, I feel better now. Looking forward to season 4 which we will not be home to watch so we'll have to record it using old VCR technology and watch it Friday night instead.