Sunday, March 08, 2009

Yeah, I can't bowl

There is an axiom concerning my athletic abilities I've discovered over the years: My bowling and golf scores are usually about the same.

I don't know if I'm a lousy bowler because I never bowl or if I never bowl because I'm a lousy bowler. It doesn't matter. I feel confident with a couple of other things I can do with my hands besides serve a spherical object with three holes drilled in it down a greasy runway in an attempt to knock over ten wooden pins. What a dumb "game."

The boys love it, and that's why we did it. Our scores are here below.

In my defense, please note that the boys had "bumpers" up, as indicated by the icons in the orange squares.

You may also notice I scored two strikes in a row. This, I thought was because for fun I switched from a 15 pound ball to a 10 pound ball. I don't think that was it because I used the same ball on the last frame to little fanfare.

I either push the ball from right to left, or I push it in a straight line. The straight line always happens when I'm off center on the right. Yes, I could practice and get better, but then I'd be spending money on something I don't really care about, plus if I got better it would mess up the delicate equilibrium I have achieved between my golf and bowling scores.