Friday, July 10, 2009

14 Basic Skills

Recently in my RSS feed appeared an article entitled "14 Basic Skills All Men Should Possess."

Sean Percival evidently couldn't come up with one more to make the list nice and rounded. Or he got to 10 and thought of four more things. So here we go. Do you agree? Can you align yourself with these arbitrary and random skills?

  1. Drive a Stick-Shift (check)
  2. Hook up and Entertainment Center (check-though it would be fun to get to set up a new one some time!)
  3. Fix a toilet (check - forced learn that one!)
  4. Navigate a Map and Use GPS (check and check, though these seem like completely different skills to me, and the GPS one doesn't even really seem to be a skill at all.)
  5. Change the Oil (check-yeah, motor oil)
  6. Balance a Checkbook (check, but file this under obsolete skills-at least in the analog world. Who actually balances a checkbook? I make Quicken do it.)
  7. Cook the Perfect Steak (CHECK- come on over some time, I'll show you how it's done)
  8. Swim the Breaststroke (check - though there's no distance specified. That's good. I can do it pretty well, but not for very long)
  9. Write Effectively (hmm, I think so, my blog readers can decide, and the recipients of my many, many emails can toss in an opinion here too. You know who you are.)
  10. Dress for the Occasion (FAIL)
  11. Sew a Button (check. I've got this one down. I probably average a button every two months)
  12. Do Laundry Properly (check, though my kind and gracious wife usually handles my laundry, when she's away, I can clean my underwear and starch my shirts)
  13. Handle Roadside Emergencies (check-Anyone can call AAA, right? I've changed a couple of tires in my day. Loads of fun.)
  14. Build a Fire (FAIL. I have never started a fire without a match or lighter, but I can set up a pretty good, long-lasting fireplace fire or campground fire with good kindling.)(I miss my fireplace)
I'm giving myself 12 out of 14. Soon I'll write the "14 skills every woman should possess." That oughta get things stirred up.