Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I am a Google junkie

If Google ever crashed, I'd be in trouble. I was just thinking about all the Google services I use:

  • This blog lives on a Google server somewhere
  • I have three gmail accounts
  • I use the Google servers to sync my firefox bookmarks/passwords/cookies between my home computer and work computer
  • My default map is Google Maps
  • I have made phone calls from the Google map to a business where it says "click here to call"
  • I have texted myself data from Google maps about a business address/phone number
  • I enjoy using Google Earth a lot--it's a great teaching tool for the kids as well (version 4.0 was just released)
  • I have gone completely to Google Calendar, which very soon will be able to fully sync with iCal.
  • It's my default search in Firefox
  • I have an adsense account
  • I use their Docs and Spreadsheets (though I actually had an account with Writely before Google purchased it)
  • I manage my digital photos with Picassa
  • I distribute my photos online with Google/Picassa picture share
  • I love doing searches using
  • I use Google chat
  • Google News is one of my news bookmarks
  • Froogle is the first place I search when I want to buy a product I don't normally purchase
  • I have subscribed to usenet groups through Google
  • I like to search through Google Video
Are there any Google services that you use that I don't know about?