Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Personalized Plates

I recently registered our vehicles. On the form there was a little check box asking if we wanted to change our plates to a personalized plate. I've always ignored that check-box. But this time around, for some reason, I actually gave it some thought.

People often select cryptic plate ideas based on their own personal interests or skills. I just can't see myself being pretentious enough to drive down the street with a plate that reads "JAZZMAN" or "PIANOGUY." I would need something a little more geekish. Something that only others in the know would get.

North Carolina offers this site where you can type in your ideas and see if its been used by someone else. I checked, both "88 KEYS", "88 KEYZ", and "TRIBEFAN" are taken. But as I said, those aren't quite my style. It's tricky to fit your personality into just eight characters.

If I were to get personalized plates, I might choose from something a little more obtuse, like these (and they're all available):
  • SHARP 9
  • GUIDO 5
  • FMAJ7#11
What would YOU choose?