Tuesday, February 26, 2008


These are the best pictures I got of the eclipse from last week. Yes, their blurry. They were taken with my little Coolpix S200 digital camera, on a tripod. Full digital zoom in play (hence the blur) ISO at 800, I think and the exposure set to +20.

Now that I look at them again, I realize of the 20 or so that I took, at various exposures and settings, even these pretty much look the same.

It is funny to me that I was so drawn to it--not in a howling ware wolf kind of way, but in a "Ooo cool, look at that, watch it before it's all over for two years" kind of way. I guess the simple fact that it is a rare occurrence prompted me to take the pictures. That, and you don't see a red moon very often. Even less than a blue moon, I guess!