Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Saddleback Conference, Day 1

The day did not hold a lot of events for us. We really took it easy today, after going to the gym of course! We went to Laguna Beach and ate lunch,

got our toes wet in the Pacific,

and tried to keep from getting knocked over by sudden waves at apparently high tide.

We found The Chapel gang at registration and went in for a concert, featuring Adam Watts, Meredith Andrews and Leeland. Meredith was great. Here is one of her songs.

After the concert, there was some great jazz out on the plaza held together by Tony Guerrero. Here is their performance of Blue Monk. The guitar solo is particularly good.

It's been another late day--meeting time begins at 8:30 and I'm still going to try to get a good leg workout in early in the morning!