Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Dam Tour

Here are some things I didn't know about Hoover Dam:

It is 760 feet tall.

It straddles the boarder of Nevada and Arizona.

It was built during the depression.

It has smaller generators that provide the power needed to run the dam itself.

Ninety-Six people "officially" died while building the dam. Those were official government numbers of people who died on site. The distinction is important since those (in the hundreds) who died in the ambulence or at the hospital later on were not counted in the official government numbers, nor were their families awarded government compensation for their losses.

It provides electricity for parts of California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Where we were in the generator room, behind us, there was 450 feet of concrete between us and Lake Mead at a depth of 300 feet!

Here the guys are looking at some fish in the lake.