Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 1 In Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas

What am I doing in Las Vegas? NAB. But along the way, we're checking out a few other cool things.

Immediately off the plane, we were greeted with the most common thing seen around here. This is right inside the gate!

I wondered around the casino in the hotel we're staying in and tried to figure out the roulette table. I saw a great deal of money exchanging hands, mostly in the form of chips. The chips represented a dollar each. We're not staying in a high-stakes hotel. However, I saw one guy drop two Ben Franklin's on Red. $200 in the hopes that the little ball would end up on something red, not black or green. It landed on black. He lost $200. Sorry.

I watched another guy feed a $100 bill into a $0.25 slot machine. I thought to myself, "oh, this oughta last for a while."

He was done in less than 90 seconds. Apparently, you can bet in several multiples of the original twenty-five cents, as well as all sorts of variations related to which line everything will stop on. Kinda weird.

As far as the city, it's odd. Surrounded by mountains, clearly in the desert, it seems a bit out of place. I thought it was interesting how the pyramid hotel, the one with the light shining out of the top of it straight up into the sky can be seen from just about anywhere in the area (I know, that's the whole idea!) I took a picture of the light, kinda cool.

Oh, and the stretch hummer. That was here at our hotel.

More will be coming as I get a chance. I am surprised and fairly disappointed with our hotel. It's like staying at an airport. And it's one of the least expensive ones around. I heard it's like a ghetto compared to some of the other high-end casino/hotels here. You not only pay for everything, you pay extra for everything. Two big examples: There is a safe in our room. Nice, right? Well, you have to put two quarters in per use. What?

Second: Internet access. Wireless? Oh yeah, it's there, nice and strong signal, but what? We have to pay $10.99 per 24 hour period for the privilege to us it. I haven't given in to that yet. I am using a free Wifi louge here at the convention center. More on that later....

Oh...and another thing...I had been planning on visiting the local Y here for my work outs. Good plan, right, well, I found out that there's an exercies room at our hotel. So, I go take a look at it. Yeah, it will do, reasonable amount of equipment, I'll use it instead of driving around and trying to find the Y. But wait. It costs $5 extra to use. What? OK, so I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and go use it. You have to go to the front desk in the morning to get the key (card) for the room. So here I am at the front desk at 6:15 AM, asking for the key.

"oh, it doesn't open until 7:30." WHAT? Dumb. I'll be at the Y tomorrow morning!