Wednesday, April 18, 2007

NAB Day 1

It is really hard to describe how big this thing is. For anyone who has ever been to the LV Convention Center, you will have a pretty good idea when I tell you that it consumes the North, Central, South lower and South upper Halls, plus the Hilton across the parking lot, where I believe a few keynotes and things like that are being delivered.

We started off the day heading straight for the Apple display, where they were demoing the release of Final Cut 2. A very impressive demonstration of the power and intuition of the video editing software. Actually, they've bundled several software items into that one package so it's pretty impressive. The rest of the day was spent watching a few demos of various software and hardware products from companies such as Sony, Panasonic, JVC, etc. High Def stuff, displays, cameras, it's all kind of overload. At lunch, after having wondered around for a while by myself, Tim asked me what I thought. I answered that I was somewhere between overwhelmed and bored.
The Apple Final Cut 2 Presentation

Neil's jaw was perpetually dropped open as cool new feature after feature was revealed.

We are here as a team primarily to research SAN server information so that we can hopefully set up a high capacity video editing server that can be shared over fiber and edited on several work stations. It has been very interesting to be on a lot of these conversations of discovery and planning. I've learned a lot so far.

These pictures were taken on the stairs halfway between the upper and lower South Halls. One, looking left, one looking right. I can't even show the full size of the hall with these shots. Take what you see and multiply it by four, plus some things outside, which I'll show tomorrow.